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After-sales maintenance and service

WARE Environment Experienced engineers are the core and guarantee of the company's after-sales maintenance service. They not only have many years of technical service experience, but also work experience in different industries. They can propose effective solutions to different user needs.

· after-sales service commitment

Shenyang weiwei environmental protection engineering co., LTD. Has always put the needs of users first, paying attention to the satisfaction of users, willing to provide users with high-quality technical services. The main task of customer service is to solve the problems users encounter in the process of system operation and maintenance in a timely, rapid and reliable way, so that the system can run more safely and stably.

· free maintenance within the warranty

Our company provides one-year free maintenance and replacement of the hardware equipment used in the project, and three-year maintenance and upgrade of the software used in the project. At the same time to provide a year of on-site, telephone remote consultation, training and services.

· on-site service

The company provides maintenance engineers on site to solve problems, technical guidance. If the user's system appear any fault (including all the procurement of equipment in the tender), our engineers will respond immediately to put forward problem, up to + 8 hours journey time arrived at the scene and provide solutions, to ensure that the fault recovery journey time + 24 hours.

· telephone and remote service

Customers can get our technical service by telephone, fax and email. The call is available 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday, and the engineer on duty can process customer requests in real time.

After-sales service tel: 024-24141856, 24810226 (working hours: 5*8 hours)

Fax: 024-24141856 (working hours: 7*24 hours)

Provide special customer service email at

· regular inspection service

Our company provides annual system routine inspection for three years. Potential problems on the operating system can be thoroughly examined through system inspection. Check and analyze the security, stability and system performance of the system before the system problems occur, point out the potential problems of the system and recommend solutions.

· paid services outside insurance

There are two ways of service beyond the warranty period: to sign the warranty contract service and repair service on a regular basis.

Warranty contract service: after the warranty period, the user can sign the warranty contract with our company. The contract period can be one year or many years.

Repair service by installment: after the warranty period, when the user's system equipment fails, he/she can make a technical service request to our company by phone or fax. Our company only charges the cost of maintenance service.


Telephone: 024-24143092

Fax: 024-24121856   Technical support 

telephone number: 24808757,24810226



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