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Third party operation service

Fast and timely after-sales service:

Ware environmental protection service team is spread over the country, experienced service engineers can provide quick and effective response to every service requirement of users. We have set up a 7*24 technical support hotline for senior engineers to answer all kinds of technical questions for users at any time.

Perfect customer file management:

Environmental protection set up customer profiles for each user, install and use the situation in view of the system, instrument and meter track, professional customer service staff to pay a return visit, the whole focus on the user's system USES the life cycle of each phase.

High-quality and efficient customer training:

Environmental protection, according to user requirements, to provide users with different types, different levels of training service, taught by professional and high quality training lecturer, help the user to quickly and accurately to grasp the method of use and maintenance of the system used, thus for the system's long-term stable operation provides a strong protection.


Telephone: 024-24143092

Fax: 024-24121856   Technical support 

telephone number: 24808757,24810226



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